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Everybody knows how much money they have coming in, but most people don't really know where their money goes every month. College budgeting software can track and report much you spend every month. Personal budgeting tools can really help some people to save hundreds every month.

If you're heading off to college, it's good to pack a great piece of plastic to take with you. College student credit cards are designed just for the needs of students. A college student card can help you build a credit history while it helps you pay for emergencies and everyday expenses.

Some of the best student credit card offers are issued by the biggest banks in the USA. They often feature flexible credit limits, online tracking and management, low or no annual fees and many will reward purchases with cash back and product rebates.

Many of these cards are actually pre-paid cards or secured cards, which actually work much more like a debit card than a traditional credit card. This is often a good choice for a lot of young students.

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